Tour Schedule

Every day begins with Heart of Mary Meditation led by Sheila Kelly

June 19
Meet in Lourdes 5 pm intro to trip, meet & greet, + meditation with Sheila, 6pm procession.

June 20
Lourdes:  Holy Baths, Grotto, Daily Procession, Contemplation, Nature Walks, Private Prayer/Meditation

June 21
Lourdes:  Holy Baths, Grotto, Daily Procession, Contemplation, Private Prayer/Meditation, Nature Walks

June 22:
8:30 am: Depart charter bus to Rocamadour
Visit Sacred Chapel

June 23:
11 am; Depart charter bus to Le Puy. Lunch.

June 24:
Le Puy: Sanctuary of the Black  Madonna and beginning for the pilgrimage of Santiago de Compostela

June 25:
Le Puy:  Visit Several Sacred Cathedrals and Holy Sites

June 26:
Chartres:  Morning train from Le Puy to Paris– change trains and go directly to Chartres.  
Dinner on your own. Evening Free To Explore or Rest

June 27:
Chartres: Meditation with Sheila in special chapel under the church where the relic of Mother Mary’s mantel
is preserved. Tour Cathedral, special tour of Crypt, walk the labyrinth, private meditation and prayer.

June 28:
Meditation in Morning:  People finish up doing special things.  Lunch on own.  Depart for Paris after lunch.
Check in hotel in Paris. Visit Chapel of the Miraculous Medal  – Dinner on your own.

June 29:
Meditation in Chapel at Notre Dame.  Conclude mid-day.
Rocamadour Shrine
Set precariously into limestone cliffs overlooking the valley of the Alzou River, the shrine of Rocamadour was
one of the most celebrated Marian pilgrimage sites during the Middle Ages. Unknown to most pilgrims - then
and now - the site was previously a holy place of Sulevia, Minerva and Iduenna (a triple goddess integrated by
Cybele) and later a Celtic shrine. The first reported Christian use of the site dates from early in the 11th century
when pilgrims made their way to Rocamadour to see a Black Madonna statue in a small chapel built into the
cliffs. Historical records tell that in 1166 an incorrupt body was discovered buried in a cave next to the chapel
and thus began the legend of St. Amadour. The identity of the body was unknown but it was assumed he was a
hermit who had lived in the area. Because of his devotion to God, he was given the name Amator, meaning “the
lover” and from this evolved the name of the town, Roc-Amadour, the ‘rock of the lover.’
Le Puy-en-Velay
The sheer majesty of the town is further reinforced by the high cultural quality of its medieval architecture.
We will visit several Sacred Sites including the
Cathedral Notre-Dame Le Puy en Velay.
The Magnificent Chartres Cathedral

This Cathedral of Notre Dame is probably the most
beautiful Gothic church in the world; in its crypt is the
shrine of Our Lady Underground, in the choir, a statue
of Our Lady of the Pillar, a reputed garment of Mary’s,
the Sancta Carmisa, is preserved in the treasury. This
garment was acquired in 876, and is believed to be the
tunic that the Blessed Mother wore at the time of
Christ’s birth. It is believed the garment was given to
the church by Charlemagne. Kings and princes, popes
and prelates, saints and sinners, thousands after
thousands of ordinary people have come here on
pilgrimages for seven hundred years. Miracle upon
miracle has been the response to their faith, their
confidence and their ardent prayers to
Our Lady of Chartres.
The Chapel of the Miraculous Medal, 140 Ru du Bac Paris
Mother  Mary manifested the medal to Sister (now saint) Catherine Laboure in 1830 Paris. Catherine saw Our Lady  standing
on a globe, with dazzling rays of light streaming from her outreached hands. Framing the figure was an inscription:  
O Mary, conceived without sin pray  for us who have recourse to Thee. Then Mary spoke to Catherine:  “Have a
medal struck upon this model.  Those who wear it will receive great graces”
Your Hosts
Marcelo Amaral, Sheila Kelly, Angela Merola
The cathedral is widely considered to be one
of the finest examples of French Gothic
architecture, and it is among the largest and
most well-known church buildings in the world.
The naturalism of its sculptures and
stained glass are in contrast with earlier
Romanesque architecture.

The cathedral treasury is notable for its reliquary
which houses some of Catholicism's
most important first-class relics including
the purported Crown of Thorns,
a fragment of the True Cross,
and one of the Holy Nails.
JUNE 19TH-29TH 2015
Lourdes,  Rocamadour
Le Puy en Velay, Chartres, Paris
The inner gates of our hearts open as we are initiated through
the heavenly light of the Holy Mother.
Great Blessings and Treasures Are Bestowed Upon Us.

Four hosts have gathered together to serve as the foundation of support. Please join us as we embark
on this holy pilgrimage, the trip of our dreams and a journey into the miraculous.

We offer all our skills and talents in Her Holy Name.
Cost: $1697.00
11 nights accommodations, 11 breakfasts daily
Motor-Coach from Lourdes to Rocamadour to Le Puy en Velay
Bilingual tour guide for cathedral tours, Train ticket, Paris Transportation
Entrance fees: Chartres’ Cathedral, Notre Dame in Paris

Not Included: Lunch/Dinners, Tips to Drivers/Guides
International Transportation  & Transport to Lourdes
Lourdes is the world's most beloved Shrine. Nestled in a valley in the southwestern part of the
Hautes-Pyrenees, it is the scene of pilgrims gathering from all over the world.
On February 11,1858, Mother Mary revealed herself to a poor shepherd girl, Bernadette Soubirous. Eighteen
such apparitions were reported. These apparitions literally put Lourdes on the map. The town has
subsequently attracted millions of visitors. Many cures have taken place after patients
bathed in the springs, labeling them "true miracles."